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Jurji Zaidan and the Foundations of Arab Nationalism

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Jurji Zaidan’s Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature

Contents and Preface


by Thomas Philipp

1. Introduction
2. Jurji Zaidan: A Short Biography
3. Religion, Science and Evolution
4. Evolutionary and Historical Approaches  to the Arabic Language
5. Secular Analyses of Arab  History
6. Society and its Educator
7. Arab Nationalism

List of Jurji Zaidan’s Translated Writings

1. Religion and Science
• The Proof of the Existence of God
• Religion, Science, and Civilization
• Jinn, Spiritism, and the Talking Table
• Is There Another World in the Universe? The Sensitive Matter of Religion And How the Elites Monopolize It at the Expense of the Masses

2. Language
• The philosophy of language and the Arabic vocabulary                               
• Literary and Colloquial Arabic
• The writers and readers of Arabic I: Writers
• The writers and readers of Arabic II: Authors
• The Arabic language as a living being                                                 

3. History
• The History of the Arabs before Islam: Its Difficulty and Complexity
• The TubbaÝ Kings and Ibn Khaldun
• Kinship among the Ancient Arabs (A response to those who argue in favor of matriarchy and totemism among the pre-Islamic Arabs)
• The Pre-Islamic Arabs
• Ottoman Egypt: Preliminary Remarks -- Islamic History Compared  with Other Histories and General History                                      

4. Nationalism
 • The Syrians in Egypt
• The future of the Syrians in America
• Egypt and Syria -- Co-operation and relations between them from the dawn of history till now
• The Syrians in the Americas
• Egyptian patriotism
• Arabs and Turks before and after the Constitution
• Are the Syrians Arabs?  Or what are they?                                       

5. Society and Ethics
• The Syrians and their Naturalization in America: A sociological study.
• Through Pressure and Resistance, Hidden Forces Appear
• Salim Saydnawi: Proprietor of the largest store in Cairo
• Community of Interest: The Source of All Other Communities and the Primary Motivation for Undertaking Great Deeds
• The Future of Modern Civilization And How the East May Advance                    
• Only the Fittest Can Survive
• Social Sense
• How should we construct morality and what is women’s influence with regard to it?                                                                                


• Index of names
• Bibliography for Essay and Anthology
• Complete Bibliography of Zaidan’s Works and Studies on him.                  


Opera on the Life of Jurji Zaidan
(in Arabic) attended by the
President of Egypt

Prelude with Speeches of Literary Figures


Jurji Zaidan and his Family

Centennial Celebrations
of Dar-al-Hilal