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Jurji Zaidan and the Foundations of Arab Nationalism

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Jurji Zaidan’s Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature

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The Zaidan Foundation published in 2013 a volume on the Library of Congress Symposium on Jurji Zaidan held in June 2012. The volume is entitled Jurji Zaidan’s Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature (ISBN 978-0-9848-4354-1) edited by George C. Zaidan and Thomas Philipp. The volume includes twelve essays by noted scholars in various fields assessing Zaidan’s contributions as an Arab nationalist, historical novelist, journalist, historian, linguist, social and political reformer, and educator. It also includes a number of articles by Jurji Zaidan that were translated. To see the Contents and Preface click here. To read the Opening Remarks at the Symposium by the President of the Zaidan Foundation click here.


You can listen to the oral presentations on the Library of Congress Webcast of the Jurji Zaidan Symposium in two parts:

Part I, Morning Session, click here

Part II, Afternoon Session, click here


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Opera on the Life of Jurji Zaidan
(in Arabic) attended by the
President of Egypt

Prelude with Speeches of Literary Figures


Jurji Zaidan and his Family

Centennial Celebrations
of Dar-al-Hilal