Welcome to the Zaidan Foundation


The mission of the Zaidan Foundation is to enhance intercultural understanding starting with the international dissemination of the Arab cultural heritage.


The principal objective of the Foundation’s programs in the first three to five years is to promote the secular and progressive view of Arab and Islamic culture, history and language. Our audience is the broader English speaking world: the United States, England and Canada to be sure; but in addition countries with large English-speaking Muslim populations such as Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Other educational and cultural objectives that promote intercultural understanding may be added in due course. To achieve its objectives, the Foundation would support, directly or through educational or other institutions, the translation and publication of historical, literary and other works, research, scholarships, conferences, seminars, student exchanges, documentaries, films and other activities. The first of these initiatives, the Jurji Zaidan Program, can be found here.



Opera on the Life of Jurji Zaidan
(in Arabic) attended by the
President of Egypt

Prelude with Speeches of Literary Figures


Jurji Zaidan and his Family

Centennial Celebrations
of Dar-al-Hilal