Introduction to Jurji Zaidan Bibliography

The Zaidan Foundation is pleased to include a new Bibliography on all the works by Jurji Zaidan as well as the works written about him. It was prepared by Anne-Laure Dupont, Associate Professor of Modern and Contemporary History of the Arab World and the Middle East at Sorbonne Université, Paris, France. This compilation incorporates for the first time: (i) links that enable on-line reading of open source works; and (ii) links to PDF files posted on this website.

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Fifteen works by and on Jurji Zaidan can now be read on the Foundation website. Links to each of these works are included below as well as in the Bibliography.  

  • Two historical works written by Zaidan – viz. the translation into English of Vol. 4 of the “History of Islamic Civilization entitled Umayyads and Abbasids”; and “The Arabs before Islam” in Arabic.
  • A selection of Jurji Zaidan’s articles compiled in book form in “Mukhtārāt Jurjī Zaydān” first published in Al-Hilal between 1892 and 1914.
  • Three books in Arabic on the Arabic Language – Arab Terminology and the Philosophy of Language; The Arab Language as a Living Being; and the History of the Literature of the Arabic Language.
  • Two important works on Zaidan’s contributions in English — Thomas Philipp’s “Gurgi Zaidan, His Life and Thought”; and “Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature” which incorporates a large number of papers by eminent scholars delivered at the Jurji Zaidan Symposium at the Library of Congress in June 2012.
  • One work in Arabic on Jurji Zaidan by Joseph Harb “Jurjī Zaydān Rijāl fī Rajūl” (Many Men in One Man).
  • Three of Zaidan’s personal works all in Arabic – his autobiography; the 1886 Journal of his voyage to England with his friend Jabr Dumit; and his only non-historical novel — The Struggle of Lovers which includes some autobiographical elements.
  • Two early translations into French of Jurji Zaidan’s historical novels can also be read on this website: La Révolution Turque (Allah Veuille) and Al Abbassa, La Soeur du Calife.
  • One important work in French by Anne Laure Dupont on Jurji Zaidan’s contributions to the Arab Renaissance.

Eleven of Jurji’s Zaidan historical novels can also be read in Arabic on this website. Links are provided to those novels in the Al-Hilal issues as well as in the Bibliography.    

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Washington DC
February 2023


PDF files By and On Jurji Zaidan

Click on Links Below to Access Works. Nos 1-9 are in Arabic; 10-12 in English and Nos 13 and 14 are in French. A PDF of No 15 in French can be downloaded online.

  1. Joseph Harb–Jurjī Zaydān Rijāl fī Rajūl.pdf Ḥarb, Yusūf. Jurjī Zaydān Rijāl fī Rajūl [Jurjī Zaydān. Many Men in One]. Beirut: Bayt al-Ḥikma, 1970.
  2. Jurji Zaidan–Al-‘Arab qabl al-Islāpdf Jurjī Zaydān, Al-‘Arab qabl al-Islām[The Arabs before Islam], Cairo: Maṭba‘at al-Hilāl, 1922 (2nd ed.).
  3. Jurji Zaidan–Al-Alfāẓ al-‘Arabiyya wa l-Falsafa al-Lughawiyya.pdf Al-Alfāẓ al-‘Arabiyya wa l-Falsafa al-Lughawiyya [Arabic Terminology and the Philosophy of Language], preface by Cornelius Van Dyck. Beirut: Maṭba‘at al-Qiddīs Jāūrjiūs, 1886.
  4. Jurji Zaidan–Al-Lugha al-‘Arabiyya Kā’in Hayy.pdf Jurjī Zaydān, Al-Lugha al-‘Arabiyya Kā’in Ḥayy [The Arabic Language is a Living Being], Madinat Nasr, Cairo: Mu’assasat Hindāwī li-l-ta‘līm wa ’l-nashr, 2016).
  5. Jurji Zaidan–Jihād Al-Muhibbīn.pdf Jurjī Zaydān, Jihād al-Muḥibbīn [The Struggle of Lovers], Beirut: Dār al-Jīl, coll. Silsilat Riwāyāt al-Islām, n. d.
  6. Jurji Zaidan–Journal of an 1886 Trip to England with Jabr Dumit.pdf Riḥla ma‘a al Mu‘allim Jabr Ḍūmiṭ ilā Inkiltirā fī Sanat 1886 [Journal of a 1886 Voyage to England with Master Jabr Dumit], Published by the Zaidan Foundation, Inc. in April 2022 with an Introduction by Jurji Zaidan’s grandson and Jabr Dumit’s granddaughter.
  7. Jurji Zaidan–Mudhakkirāt Jurjī Zaydān, edited by Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn al-Munajjid.pdf Mudhakkirāt Jurjī Zaydān [Memoirs of Jurji Zaidan], edited by Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn al-Munajjid. Beirut: Dār al-Kitāb al-Jadīd, 1968. The Autobiography is also available in English as part of Philipp, Thomas. Ğurǧī Zaidān His Life and Thought (item 13 below).
  8. Jurji Zaidan–Mukhtārāt Jurjī Zaydān.pdf Mukhtārāt Jurjī Zaydān [Jurji Zaidan: an Anthology], 3 vols. Cairo: Maṭba‘at al-Hilāl, 1919-21. A selection of articles by Jurji Zaidan first published in al-Hilāl. New shortened edition in a single volume in 1937; this shortened edition was reedited in Beirut, by Dār al-Turāth, in 1969.
  9. Jurji Zaidan–Tārīkh Ādāb al-Lugha al-‘Arabiyya.pdf. Jurjī Zaydān, Tārīkh Ādāb al-Lugha al-‘Arabiyya [History of the Literature of the Arabic Language], Madinat Nasr, Cairo: Mu’assasat Hindāwī li-l-ta‘līm wa ’l-nashr, 2013).
  10. Jurji Zaidan–Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature.pdf Zaidan, George C. and Philipp, Thomas, Jurji Zaidan. Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature, Proceedings of a Symposium at The Library of Congress, Bethesda, MD: The Zaidan Foundation, Inc., 2013.
  11. Jurji Zaidan–Umayyads and ‘Abbasids–History of Islamic Civilization, Vol 4.pdf Zaydán, Jurjí. Umayyads and ‘Abbasíds, being the fouth part of Jurjí Zaydán’s History of Islamic Civilization. Translated by David S. Margoliouth. Leiden: Brill / London: Luzac & Co, E. J. W. Gibb Memorial Series, vol. IV, 1907.
  12. Thomas Philipp–Gurgi Zaidan, His Life and Thought.pdf Philipp, Thomas. Ğurǧī Zaidān His Life and Thought. Beirut: Orient-Institut der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 1979.
  13. Jurji Zaidan–Allah Veuille. Roman de la Révolution Turque.pdf Zaïdan, G. Allah veuille !… Roman de la révolution turque [Al-Inqilāb al-‘Uthmānī], Translated by M.-Y. Bitâr et Thierry Sandre. Paris: Ernest Flammarion Éditeur, 1924.
  14. Jurji Zaidan–Al Abbassa, ou La Soeur du Calife.pdf. GZaidan, Roman [Al-Abbāsa Ukht al-Rashīd]. Translated by M. Bitâr et Charles Moulié, préface de Claude Farrere. Paris: Fontemoing et Cie, 1912.
  15. Dupont, Anne-Laure. Ğurǧī Zaydān 1861-1914, écrivain réformiste et témoin de la Renaissance arabe. Damascus : Institut français du Proche-Orient, 2006. A PDF copy of the book can be downloaded from the link above for a modest fee, for the personal use of the payee.