In 1992 on the hundredth anniversary of the founding of al-Hilal, celebrations commemorating this event were held in Egypt which included an exhibition at Dar-al-Hilal attended by the Minister of Culture and notable literary figures; the issue of a stamp; the minting of a one Egyptian pound coin featuring Jurji Zaidan; and the presentation of a plaque commemorating this event to the Zaidan family. 

The Opera

As part of the hundredth year anniversary celebrations of the founding of Dar-al-Hilal the Ministry of Information produced an Opera commemorating the life of Jurji Zaidan entitled” Hilal Masr” ( The Crescent of Egypt).  The Opera was performed in 1992 at the Cairo Opera and attended by the President of the Republic, members of the Government, notable literary figures and members of the Board of Dar-al-Hilal.

The libretto of the Opera was written by Abdel Salam Amin, the music was composed by Farouk al Sharnoubi and it was produced by Mohammed Fadel. The lead role of Jurji Zaidan was played by Mahmoud Yassin. To quote from the Introduction to the Opera: “ Hilal Masr depicts musical scenes representing selections from our cultural history, rich in varied literary and  intellectual contributions that stamped our cultural  milieu, and which were represented with great objectivity in al-Hilal – whose hundredth anniversary we celebrate today.”

The performance of the Opera was preceded by speeches from noted literary figures and journalists assessing Zaidan’s varied contributions to the Nahda of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Prelude with Speeches

Opera on the Life of Jurji Zaidan




Photos from the Al-Hilal Centennial Celebrations


Dar-al-Hilal Plaque – Jurji Zaidan in top LH corner surrounded by Egyptian literary figures.
Front and back of One Pound commemorative coin minted in 1992.
Bust of Jurji Zaidan
Ashtray showing the publications of Dar-al-Hilal including: (Al-Hilal) a monthly educational-cultural publication, a weekly political illustrated magazine (Al-Mussawar) and weekly magazines for women (Hawa), on the cinema (Al-Kawakeb), and for children (Micky and Sameer).
Stamp commemorating hundredth anniversary of Dar-al-Hilal in 1992.
George Zaidan family with the Chairman of Dar-al-Hilal.
George Zaidan family visit to Dar-al-Hilal in 1992 – grandson George with wife Hada and their son George Jr in front of the bust of Jurji Zaidan.
George Zaidan receiving Dar-al-Hilal commemorative plaque on behalf of the Zaidan Family.
The Minister of Culture with author Abbas al-Akkad
The Minister of Culture at the Dar-al-Hilal exhibition